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January 29, 2019  

Episode 27: The Future Workplace Experience with Kevin Mulcahy

January 29, 2019

Future Workplace Partner Kevin Mulcahy coaches on leadership effectiveness at the Harvard Business School and is an adjunct faculty member at Babson College. This episode features Mulcahy's keynote address to the 2018 ACCT Leadership Congress in New York, New York.

In his provocative speech, Kevin discusses the technological and social changes that are radically redesigning how work is done, how the best employees are found, and some of the things colleges (and other organizations) must do today to ensure a productive future workforce.

Kevin is the co-author of The Future Workplace Experience and is the co-host of The Future Workplace network, a U.S.-based membership community for human resource executives. He can be followed on Twitter @KevinMulcahy.