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June 5, 2018  

Episode 4: Dr. Judith Eaton on Accreditation

June 5, 2018

How is American-style accreditation different from accreditation throughout the rest of the world, and why does that matter? In this podcast, Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) President Judith S. Eaton, speaks with ACCT President and CEO J. Noah Brown about the uniquely American higher-education accreditation process about the history, the present, and the future of accreditation within the community college sector. Brown and Eaton discuss:


  • Why do we use peer-review for all higher education accreditation, and how does the process work?
  • What are the three touchstone issues examined by accreditors?
  • What do trustees need to know about accreditation?
  • Will standards that are used today still be relevant to community college next year or in the next decade?
  • How might they change, and why?
  • What role do college boards play in accreditation?


This podcast is a supplement to Accreditation and Community College Trustees, an essential ACCT toolkit for new and experienced trustees available in PDF and video formats at

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